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Give people with autism of all ages the very best opportunities




A Current Affair's host, Tracy Grimshaw, delivered a comprehensive report on autism in Australia and the far reaching consequences it has for the one in 100 people living with this condition.  



Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is a not-for profit organisation that caters for over 1000 children with autism through their schools and offers a range of other services for very young children as well as adults.  With the largest autism-specific school system in the world, we know our education programs work.  Our schools, like other services we offer for young children and adults, change the lives of people with autism and their families.



Children stay with us on average for two years before moving to a more mainstream environment and 90% of those children remain there successfully.



But for children with autism who do not receive the right support the picture can look very different. 



We think every child with autism deserves the very best start no matter where they live.  We want to be able to offer more support in more places across Australia. 



To do this we need your help.







With your generosity we can:


Build the only autism specific school in South Australia.


Provide a new location for our school services in South East Sydney to help the 100s of children on our waitlist in the area.


Support more children with autism in mainstream schools across Australia through education outreach, training and workshops for teachers and families.


Develop autism specific distance education.


Create more information resources like our new Launchpad website for young people with autism as they enter adulthood.